Your shopping options near the Piccadilly West End


No doubt, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Piccadilly’s West End, and more. It’s the quintessential representation of New York’s time Square; featuring dozens of designer stores, boutique shops, technology stores, jewellers, theatres, restaurants, and even it’s own little China Town. The best part of the city, similarly to New York, has been concentrated in one area. Here, you’ll find tourists milling through this urban jungle, as they capture the essence of London during their trip.

London ShoppingWhile shopping might not be the main reason you plan on visiting London,  the commercial nature of this city will still brighten your senses – even if you don’t plan on buying much. What’s fascinating about London, is that although it’s viewed as an expensive city, comparable to other cities in Europe – shopping for clothes, etc. is relatively less costly.

That’s why in fact, so many people travel to this town. So you might end up finding something that does indeed take your fancy, especially for the great prices that you’ll find for high-quality brands. Selfridges, one of the most famous stores in the city, is just a twenty minute walk away from the West End, and along the way, you’ll come across stores that include: HMV, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Nike Town, Tommy Hilfiger, Hamleys, the Apple Store, Lacoste, among, many, many more.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious shopping experience, perhaps with a lower populous, then Knightsbridge, home to the famous Harrods store is not too far away. Here you’ll find some of the highest quality brands and bespoke luxury items.

In a sense, London is built for the shopper in mind. Its economy is thriving thanks to the level of enterprise and innovation that can be found here – and that ends benefitting everyone. From the local city to the tourist, commerce in the city has helped mark London as one of the best cities in the world. So even if you’re travelling to London for the experience, you’ll still likely find more than a couple of things worth bringing home with you. Book your stay in the Piccadilly West End, and find out more about this gorgeous city.