Showstoppers! – Incredible Show of Improvisation and Innovation


Founded in 2008 in London, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical is basically on improvised comedy that has toured UK extensively. At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe it is always a sell out every year. In 2011, it had its own BBC Radio 4 series and on London’s West End in 2015, it has had a 10-week winning an Olivier Award. At the West End this year it has had a strictly limited session over ten Mondays from 15 February to 25 July 2016.London Entertainment

This 90 minutes show at the Lyric Theatre, full of singing and dancing, provides unpredictable and hilarious results each time. The idea behind this show is quite unique as the team creates a real musical from zilch every time, with a full story, It creates characters that the audience will love and has plenty of songs played by a live band of musicians. The title of each show is improvised each time and some of the titles from the 2015 West End run include ‘Royal Flush’ set in the Queen’s bathroom, ‘Blatt Out of Hell’ from the Fifa HQ and ‘The Lyin’ King’ set in the Daily Mail newsroom. The unique aspect of the show is that it improvises a musical based on the audience suggestions. The show setting, title and composers of musicals or music theatre are all suggested by the audience and these are then incorporated in the live show.

As a result of such improvisation, a new musical is created at each show that has been cooked up on the spot. The improvisation troupe of Showstoppers is gaining more and more accolades and rave reviews since the show started eight years ago. The latest run at the West End is getting help from an online crowd-funding campaign. When you see this show you will be amazed by the incredible talent of the improvising team that makes up a fully-realised musical on the spot based on audience suggestions. The improvisation covers all aspects including incredible story-lines, amazing songs, full group harmonies, dance numbers and the amazing fun element.

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In addition to its regular cast, the show also features guest performers occasionally including Matt Lucas, Mike McShane, John Snow, Nicolas Parsons, Jim Bowen, Donald Reeves, Keith Jack, a cappela group The Magnets and others. Several industry awards have been won by the show including the Mervyn Stutter Spirit of the Fringe Award and the Olivier Award for best entertainment and family show in 2016.