Springs Suits– find the best bespoke suits in Saville Row


If there’s one thing that every visitor to London will do, it’s shop. Fashionistas and retail addicts from around the world flock to the city every day to peruse the high-end boutiques and browse the famous department stores.

Right around the corner from the Piccadilly London West End, you’ll find one of the most renowned streets in the city famed for being home to a selection of iconic tailors. Whether you need a new work outfit or something to turn heads on a night out, these are the top places to visit on Saville Row while staying at our hotels in West End London.


Gieves and Hawkes

If you’re looking for high-quality suits, it doesn’t get much better than this. Gieves and Hawkes is renowned for tailoring some of the most iconic suits in the business. The company has been setting trends for over 200 years. Originally the two names were separate companies but eventually merged to create the fashion giant that we know today. It’s easy to forget that you’re inside a shop as you browse what looks like the inside of a palace. With a huge range of ready-to-wear and bespoke designs, you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from.


From traditional elegance to ultra-modern, Kilgour is the place to be if you’re looking for contemporary style. The sleek décor which looks like something from a futuristic Sci-Fi film is a reflection of the new-age designs you can find on the rails. The suit maker has been in business on Savile Row since 1923 and through the years has catered to some very high-profile customers including Fred Astaire. The expert tailors at Kilgour don’t only work with modern styles, however. Their bespoke services will help you craft whatever design you’re going for.



This is perhaps one the most iconic suit shops in London and has a rich history that stretches back over several centuries and countries. If you’re a fan of the recent Kingsman films, you may already be aware that Huntsman was the inspiration behind the storyline. What started out as a humble producer of gaiters and breeches, has become one of the most renowned tailors in the world with a client list that includes celebrities and royalty. If you’re looking to splash some cash, inquire about the bespoke tailoring service and treat yourself to a truly unique suit.

Norton & Sons

This is another long-standing tenant of Saville Row and has been crafting some of the best garments in London for nearly 200 years. The history of Norton & Sons stretches back to the early 1800s when the original shop on the Strand was relocated to the heart of Saville Row thanks to achievements made by the founder of the company, George James Norton. At the time, he was just a humble suit maker but he founded a legacy that spanned decades and helped create bespoke clothes for some of London’s most famous residents.