Taking walking tours around the Piccadilly West End Hotel

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While most of us visit a new city with a plan to purchase the best experiences available, very few of us take a moment to ponder how we’ll first build a mental picture of the city. See, without this picture, it’s a lot harder to appreciate what a city has to provide, differently to our own. It’s similar to heading into a café, and not knowing what neighbourhood you’re in. You can order a coffee just fine, but you’ll never feel completely at ease. That’s why we invite you to take a walking tour, or a bus tour before you head on over to the many attractions in the city.

Piccadilly westend hotelPiccadilly’s West End is famous for its range of attractions, including but not limited to Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Regents Street, Theatre Land, China Town and more. But yet not many people learn how this part of the city was built from the ground up. That’s where a walking tour can come in handy. It gives you the contextual background needed to make the connections in your mind about the city’s current state, and how it used to be in the past.

With those connections, you’ll be better able to understand the traditions and culture of the locale. And with that, your experience in the capital will be infinitely richer and more fulfilling, right up until the moment you leave the city. While many tourists travel with the sole purpose of experiencing novelty and fun, we believe that a trip or holiday is about much more than that.

It’s about opening yourself up to a new sphere of comfort so that you learn to step away from the culture that’s become such a part of your character. Doing that requires that you visit a city with an open heart, metaphorically speaking. While the merits of planning attractions and what you’re going to do on each day is clear (it gives you structure and clarity), you should always leave some room for the unexpected.

To better instil that mindset, we can’t think of better ways than starting your trip in London with a walking tour. It’ll nurture your curiosity and increase the likelihood that you’ll leave the capital with complete peace of mind. Book your stay at the Piccadilly London West End Hotel this season to learn more.