The 6 Most Intimate Restaurants in the West End


If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a romantic and intimate evening out, London’s West End is a perfect place to start. As well as boasting plenty of exceptional theatre and entertainment to impress your date, you’ll also find some of the city’s most cosy and charming restaurants to enjoy a special meal together in.

If you’re planning a special visit to London soon, check out the brilliant offers on at the London Piccadilly Hotel and read on for some inspiration on some of the most intimate places to enjoy a meal together.

Clos Maggiore

Clos Maggiore has been voted the most romantic restaurant in the world, and when you’re looking for intimacy and a special atmosphere for a meal you won’t forget, then this Covent Garden institution is certainly the place to go to.

The restaurant Piccadilly is easy to get to as it’s located within central London, but due to its immense popularity, you’ll want to make reservations for a table here well in advance. If you have your dates booked for your stay at the London Piccadilly Hotel then it’s worth contacting the restaurant straight away, to make sure that you don’t miss out.

The extra effort will be well worth it, though. The elegant décor, surrounded by beautiful and dramatic flowers suspended from the ceilings and walls, as well as the soft, warm lighting, create the perfect intimate ambience, while the cosy fireplace and candle light ensure that you never want to leave your table. As well as the great décor, the traditional French restaurant also serves up some excellent food, so that a meal here truly is one you’ll savour for years to come.

Cora Pearl

Named after a nineteenth century courtesan, Cora Pearl is a wonderfully intimate townhouse restaurant in Covent Garden, and the perfect place to end the night in style after an evening of fun in the West End. While you might start your pre-theatre shenanigans with some delicious Afternoon tea London deals, you’ll most likely want to enjoy a more relaxing and cosy spot to have a drink or meal in afterwards, and this is one of the best places for it.

Cora Pearl serves up an inventive and tempting menu packed with classic comfort food, which complements the warm atmosphere of the restaurant perfectly. With a great selection of drinks and cocktails to enjoy alongside the delicious food, and wonderful plush seating to sink into, this is a great spot for a laid back night out with friends after an evening in the city.


Hankies London is one of the West End’s most understated gems, with a delightful mixture of Indian-inspired tapas dishes, and a cosy, intimate atmosphere that make it perfect for a relaxing meal out. If you’ve had a hectic day in the city packed with sight-seeing and travelling, then the soothing menu on offer here will leave you happily satisfied and feeling content.

The name is in fact inspired by their take on traditional “hanky” style flat breads – rolled out to a delicate thin texture, these soft, pancake light roti breads are infinitely moreish, and the perfect vehicle for soaking up all of their indulgently spiced dishes.


If you’re looking for somewhere that will impress a date who appreciates the finer things in life, then this sophisticated Italian spot in the West End might just hit the mark. Margot is located in the bustling streets of Covent Garden, but once you step inside, the business of the outside world melts away as the bubble of glamour and sparkling indulgence cocoons you perfectly instead.

The restaurant serves up a delicious menu of exquisite Italian cuisine, with excellent cuts of meat, soothing pasta dishes, and desserts you’ll want to savour and scoff down all at once. As well as the wonderful food, take your time to soak up the decadent atmosphere of the place, with its wonderful lighting, attentive staff and beautiful details to delight you at every turn.

Andrew Edmunds

When you’re looking for a restaurant in the West End that perfectly balances history with a modern touch, this Old Soho bastion is a great choice to head to. Established in the area in 1985, it’s retained its traditional eighteenth century town house exterior, while inside, you can enjoy a dark and intimate atmosphere that exudes relaxation and ease.

Sink into the comfy chairs as you take a leisurely glance through the menu. Here, you’ll find plenty of tempting favourites, including warming soups, delicate nibbles to start on, and an excellent selection of meat and vegetarian dishes for all to enjoy. The restaurant is also renowned for having an excellent selection of wines on offer, making sure that you have an exceptional evening here.


If you prefer your intimate dining with a little more freshness and a slightly livelier atmosphere, then the popular Covent Garden restaurant, Christopher’s might be the perfect place for you to head to.

Christopher’s serves up a great selection of American-inspired dishes, including burgers, steaks and lobsters, all in a laid back but stylish atmosphere. The décor of the space captures the perfect balance between a more formal fine dining restaurant, with all the ease and casual charm of a more laidback spot. The result is a place you’ll want to enjoy countless lunches and nights out in, and it’s hard to ever have a bad meal here.

The restaurant also does a fantastic brunch option, so if you’re looking for a little daytime intimacy, then head to their dining room for a more discreet spot, and tuck into their deliciously fluffy stacks of pancakes and French toast. They also boast some great juices and smoothies, if you need something a little more healthy to balance out some previous indulgences from the night before.

Perfectly indulgent and yet swanky enough to raise an approving nod from the toughest crowd, a meal here at Christopher’s is always one packed with serious gourmet pleasure.