The Best Children’s Playgrounds in Piccadilly


No matter what the weather is like, children love nothing more than playing outside.

Playgrounds and parks can provide hours of entertainment for little ones, who will be kept occupied by swings, slides and any other apparatus that the playground may have on offer.

The temperature may have dropped, but that doesn’t mean that you should retreat to the indoors for the entirety of your weekend away.

If you’re taking the family away to London there are plenty of children’s playgrounds where little ones will run around for hours, giving you some much needed relaxation time.

Grab a coffee as you head to your destination and when you arrive find a suitable bench, sit back and relax. You could read or just watch the world go by, either way your kids will be entertained and won’t be pestering you for anything.

Once they’ve tired themselves out on the monkey bars, stroll back to your room at the Piccadilly London West End where a comfy bed and hot bath will be waiting for you.

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

Broad Walk, London W2 4RU

Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

Princess Diana was a national treasure and also loved children, so it’s completely fitting that this playground has been designed in her memory. This playground is pretty special and has a number of features that all children will love, including a giant ship that they can clamber onto. The entire area is inspired by the classic fairy-tale Peter Pan, so here you will also find a sensory trail, teepees, a beach that surround the ship and a number of different toys and sculptures. In a gorgeous setting around lush trees and greenery, this is an ideal place for children to play and adults to relax.

You’ve been out in the cold all day, so it’s time to relax. Head back to your room at one of our boutique Hotels in London, either by foot or public transport and relax in peace and style.

Clissold Park

Stoke Newington, London N16 9HJ

Clissold Park

This gorgeous open space situated in Hackney is sure to win the hearts of adventurous children, who will love to run around in the large play area and visit the aviary and animal sanctuary. With a games area, river and a designated organic food growing area, there is more than enough to keep everyone entertained for the whole afternoon.

An action-packed day like that calls for a relaxing evening, so head back to your room at the Piccadilly London West End. This gorgeous setting is the ideal location to wind down in peace.

Little Wormwood Scrubs Adventure Playground

Dalgarno Gardens, White City, London W10 5LL

Adventure Playground

This adventure playground has everything little ones love and more and is perfect if you want them to enjoy a structured day of fun. The team that works here run a range of indoor and outdoor activities including arts and crafts and drama classes, so keep them occupied while you spend some time relaxing.