What To Do With Your Time Spent In London


The Perfect Day Out In London

One of the greatest things about The Piccadilly London West End Hotel is its close proximity to all things awesome. There is a lot to do in the areas surrounding the hotel and this corner of London is always brimming with energy, possibility and fun. What you decide to do for your day out in London will be entirely dependent on your interests, but there is definitely something for everyone. There’s so much sandwiched into one district, and you don’t have to travel far to find it all. You’ll be spoilt for fantastic things to do in the capital. Enjoying a day out in London doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money. There are parks, attractions and museums which are free to visit and relax in. If money is spent on a day out in London, it certainly won’t break the bank as many attractions are reasonably priced. You’ll never be lost for things to do, but here are three brilliant ideas for a day well spent in the capital.

The London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum is guaranteed to be a wonderful and even educational day out! Based in beautiful Covent Garden, this place will allow you to explore the old British transport system in all its preserved glory. This is a place that will force you to revisit an old transport system that has miraculously survived an era gone by, by peering into its gloomy tunnels and discovering a hidden London, one which saw thousands of people pass through its subterranean shelters. The links between transport in the past and the concepts and ideas for transportation in the future is explored in this beautifully designed space. This is a fantastic opportunity to get together with family or friends are exploring the many exhibitions on display.

London Transport Museum

There are a number of guided tours open to the public, which are geared towards an adult audience. These fantastic, and greatly educational expeditions showcase some truly wondrous sights including rare rail and road vehicles spanning over 100 years, rail and bus sheds, ceramic tiles, signs, ticket machines, and ephemera. The museum offers five different types of guided tour at the depot, as well and there is even the option of booking your very own private group tour!

The museum is just a 6 minute walk from the hotel so not too far at all!

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is a great place to go with family and friends and a culturally rich day out. Located just off Trafalgar Square this stunning gallery is home to one of the greatest selections of West European art in the world. Here you can view and marvel at stunning paintings by prolific artists including Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and Monet.  If you arrive early enough you can take part in a free 60 minute guided tour where an expert will walk you through the museum and breathe life into the paintings.  When your done looking at beautiful works of art, you could check out the souvenir shops- there are two of them- so you’ll always have a reminder of your great day out. You could also check out the National Gallery’s award-winning restaurant. Serving contemporary British food it offers a prix fixe menu, a bar menu as well as splendid afternoon tea. If you prefer coffee you can grab one from the Espresso Bar or enjoy a casual bite or meal in the National Café.

National Gallery

To get to the National Gallery you just head Northeast onto Charing cross Road and you’ll be there is 5 minutes.

ZSL London Zoo

The ZSL London Zoo in Regents Park has been enlightening and amusing visitors of all ages for more than a hundred years! A visit to this place is bound to get the laughs going and provide you with inspiring animal encounters. Spread out over a whopping 36 acres the zoo contains around 16,000 animals from over 750 species! You can see the world’s first aquarium, stroke the goats, visit the reptiles and gaze at the thousands of insects on display.

There are lots of new experiences to be had at the zoo like the daily Meet The Animals opportunities, which give you the chance to get up close and personal to some of zoos most popular animals. Later when you get hungry you can enjoy delicious baked pizza or fish and chips at the Terrace restaurant, where there are lots of nutritious snacks and meals for all the family.

To get there you can get the Northern Line from Leicester Square Station to Camden. From there it’s just a short distance away.