Tips to fit in London


London is undoubtedly one of the most amazing travel destinations in the whole wide world. You are surely going to make the sincere most of your holiday desires provided you take sincere steps in panning the holiday thoroughly. If you wish to enjoy every bit of the holiday in a fabulous manner then all you need to do is to know how exactly you can fit in when visiting the British capital.

There is no doubt in declaring that London is most certainly one of the most diverse on the planet. It is one of the mostly explored cities in the whole wide world and you can always use the following guide to experience the Big Smoke in a blissful manner. There are several ways of enjoying a London holiday in a blissful manner. Everything basically depends upon how badly you ant this trip to become successful. London is a diverse capital that encompasses a wide array of fascinating attractions which are meant to be checked out in a blissful manner. The more you plan the trip properly; the better will be the outcome. Here are some tips that are going to make you feel enriched all the time in order to ensure you with a happening trip ahead.

London Tour

Maintain proper attitude:

  • Since you are a guest in the city you should always maintain certain decorum. You should not come across as any clamorous tourist and hence keep your voice at a reasonable volume. Refrain from drawing unnecessary attention by yelling at the top of your voice. You must not complain about how things appear to be different from what you are actually used to.
  • The city you have been planning to visit is enriched with some exquisite travel attractions and wondrous heritage. Things are not like what they are in your native place and you must not nag if things are going wrong in your surroundings. Enjoy the cultural differences and try to take the things in stride.
  • The British culture is said to be extremely polite and people believe in speaking in a reasonably low voice. Do not cut in front of anyone standing in the queue.

Know more about the locals:

  • You must be prepared for the diversity and must take the chance in learning more about the cultural differences that the English capital puts forward.
  • The Londoners have reserved nature and there is nothing to worry about it. They lead a fast paced life which does not let them loose thri focus from important issues. Do not divulge too many details about your personal life in the first meeting which they might find a bit too awkward.
  • Try to make some contacts before arriving in the city. This way you can get to see the English capital through the eyes of a local. It will not take long to get along with them provided they find you sober and wise.

Dress Code:

  • Men: They wear casual clothes and you will find people exploring the city streets in jeans and a loose T-shirt.
  • Women: Try to pack as much layering as possible as the city is quite windy. Moreover, London is known for its unpredictable rains. Wear comfortable shoes that will let you walk on the cobblestone pathways in a wonderful manner.

Learn the language that they speak:

  • Learning the English language is important as this way you get the opportunity to establish a direct communication with the locals.
  • You must also be well accustomed with some of the specific terms which they use. You do not take the elevator; instead you take the lift in England. People use cell phone and not mobiles. Rest room is not in use in England. They say toilets, gents or ladies and loo. Subway is definitely not in use as they in England call the tubes as the Underground.
  • They use accents which can be pretty much difficult for any person to identify at first. Try to communicate with them so that you get to understand what they are actually trying to say.
  • The natives can spot if anyone uses their accents discourteously.


  • Every tourist in London has the one book which they look forward to follow during their holiday and that is ‘London A – Z’. You must look into the map so that you know where exactly you are heading to. This way you can manage to make your own way towards exploring several fascinating attractions.
  • Do not truncate the place names when asking for directions. Make sure to read the names properly without mispronouncing a single letter.
  • There are several boroughs in London and you must not get confused with any place in particular.
  • Buy an Oyster Card so that you will be able to avail the tube services without having to spend an extra penny.


  • You can visit the restaurants West End London and enjoy a happy hearted meal throughout the time that you choose to spend during the vacation.
  • Make sure to check out the street food corners for the purpose of tasting some great cuisines.
  • You must also try to have some fish and chips with the traditional afternoon tea.
  • You can offer 10% tip for some good services.


  • Put up at the West End hotels London and look ahead to enjoy a happening trip ahead.
  • Plan the trip in advance:
  • Explore the free attractions such as the museums, parklands and open spaces.
  • London Eye is a fabulous travel attraction to watch out for.
  • Visit the Primrose Hill for enjoying fabulous scenic spots.

These are some of the most appropriate ways of enjoying a London vacation. You are surely going to explore every bit of the trip in a fascinating manner.