Top 5 Theme Parks in London

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The city of London happens to be one of the most excitingly diverse cities in the whole world. You are surely going to love every single bit of your time and energy that would further help you to enjoy the most of your leisure moments with absolute pleasure. If in case you have selected London to be your upcoming holiday destination then you can be assured to have a magnificent time. With a plethora of activities to choose from, London is one of the most idyllist destinations in the whole wide world that has got the eccentricity to make you fall in love with the brilliant exquisiteness that the city is all about.

London as a fascinating holiday destination offers the vacationers with a wide array of sightseeing opportunities that are meant to cater to the various taste and preference of the vacationers. In fact, the English capital is one of the few holiday destinations that are aimed at making you fall in love worth everything that the city takes pride in possessing.

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This is the largest city in England and it has brilliantly witnessed the ancient past along with the exciting future. Living the vibrant present happens to be an enchanting affair which everyone on the planet would love to experience. This is a true metropolitan cosmopolitan tourist paradise that has surely got all of it that would take to offer you with some precious memories that are worth cherishing for the rest of your life.

London is one of the most popular cities in the world which has a wondrous location for catering to the various purposes of visit. It enchants your mind and soul by gifting you with some mesmerizing travel attractions that are definitely worth a visit. With so many places to see and activities to ponder your attention upon, you would surely like to explore the essence of a vacation in the most magnificent manner. There is no doubt in admitting to the fact that London is a gorgeous city break destination in the Europe that encompasses a brilliant plethora of historic as well as modern features that are worth checking out during the trip. Whether you enjoy its fabulous art, architecture or historical significances, this world class city truly beholds the beauty of an elegant destination and is definitely worth exploring.

The visitors who are planning to take a trip to the English capital along with the little members in their brood can be assured to have a great time as the city is also eminent at catering to the needs of every vacationer irrespective of their age groups. No matter how little your kid happens to be, you are surely going to make the most of your time that you choose to spend over here in the British capital. London has a large number of child friendly attractions that you can surely include in your itinerary. This way, things will get a lot easier for you to explore and enjoy during the vacation. If you have been planning to explore the theme parks in London then you must be aware of the spots that you should travel to. Here are some of the mostly explored theme parks in the city that you need to visit for letting your children get engaged to fun stuffs.

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  • Thorpe Park: This one has its base in the southwestern corner of the Heathrow International Airport and is set amongst 500 acres of land. This park is crammed with plenty of roller coasters and some equally exciting water based rides. It remains closed during the winter months and as the summer approaches the park exceeds its duration of activities.
  • Chessington World of Adventures: It is positioned about 12 miles of the southwestern corner of the city of London and is basically aimed at catering to the vacation needs of the whole family. If your kids are still at their kindergarten days, then you must take them to the soft play areas where they can discover plenty of love shows and boat rides. For the grown up kids, there are large water rides, roller coasters and other exciting play sections.
  • Legoland Windsor: This sister theme park is located in Windsor. It is basically aimed at kids who are under 12. There are several child friendly attractions where 35 million of lego pieces can be found and those recreate the European landmarks.

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  • Adventure Island: The Piccadilly London West End is located near a large number of child friendly attractions and one of them is definitely the Adventure Island. The later has its location in the seaside town of Southend. This park does not witness a large crowd and that is why you can always consider taking your kids to this area. Moreover it is free to enter. Buy a wristband that will let you enjoy a large number of rides quite easily and you will not have to purchase tickets individually. Make sure to check out the West End stay package in London and West End Hotel Deals for a better stay and saving a little while you travel.
  • Dickens World: It is positioned on the north coast of county Kent and is a short trip from the heart of the city. This park was mainly inspired by Charles Dickens who had lived his early life in this area. It is within an easy reach from Charing Cross, Victoria and London Bridge stations.

These are some of the mostly explored child friendly theme parks that you must consider taking your children to while coming over to London for the purpose of enjoying a vacation break. If planned properly, there is no other place in the world apart from London that can enrich your mind, body and spirit in such an admirable manner. London has got everything which your children may need during the trip. As parents, you would also feel proud for having taken an initiative so admirable that can let you spend some quality time with your children. Make sure to plan things a bit early so that you get to enjoy it thoroughly without having to miss out on anything exclusive.