A Travel Experience to Victorian London Tour

Household Cavalry Museum

The Victorian era is the point in the UK’s history during which Queen Victoria reigned – between 20th June 1837 and 22nd January 1901 to be more precise. Many of London’s most famous buildings date back to the Victorian era, giving modern day visitors a unique glimpse into the UK’s fascinating – and colourful- history. The Victorians were pioneers of industry and innovation, so why not spend a little time exploring some of their greatest works and the ideas that made the Victorians think, live and behave as they did? Many of their accomplishments and breakthroughs shaped the way we live today, with some directly contributing to the London we now know.

shutterstock_521515441Visit an Authentic Victorian Home

The unique tourist attraction of Leighton House offers a chance for visitors to freely explore the home of one of the Victorian Era’s most beloved artists, Frederic, Lord Leighton. Leighton House is still arranged in its original Victorian grandeur with a vast collection of some of the most astonishing artworks produced during Queen Victoria’s reign on show for history buffs and art fans to drink in. Leighton House Museum is open year round. Find out more about arranging your visit at the official website. Located in Holland Park Road, Kensington, it’s easy to reach from our hotels in West End London England. When you travel try to avail the best London west end deals offered and enjoy your stay in PiccadillyWestEnd

Explore Victorian Public Spaces

Trafalgur square lion

The Victorian’s were great reformers of London’s public spaces, and so many of what we accept as mainstays of London’s architectural design today can be traced back to this era. Spaces such as Trafalgar Square, with its lavish fountains, proud lion sculptures and commemorative Nelson’s column, and the famous Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park are among the most easily identifiable Victorian mainstays. The good news is that all are accessible from our hotels in West End London England.

Head to a Victorian Museum

Darwin Science Museum

Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, had a great vision for widespread education and culture in the UK. Some of London’s great heritage museums such as the V&A, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum were built in accordance with these beliefs, which became widespread during the Victorian era. Not only are these buildings fascinating architecturally, but they also provide an ongoing glimpse at the dominance of Victorian ideals upon modern life.

Enjoy a Victorian Tour

Old London streets

Looking for a more immersive way of discovering the Victorian era? Why not try one of London’s many tours for just this purpose! There are lots of great themed walking tours in the city including the Charles Dickens Tour for a glimpse at the locations which inspired Dickensian fiction, or the Jack Ripper Walk which provides a starker view of London’s streets and an evocative look at the crimes of Victorian London’s most notorious murderer. The London of Oscar Wilde Tour meanwhile provides a fun-filled walk through London of the 1890s as seen through the eyes of one of the era’s greatest playwrights.


What happened during the Victorian age?

The era of Queen Victoria from her started from her throne on 20th June 1837 till 22nd January 1901 is called Victorian Era. Enjoy visiting all the area of the royal palace to enjoy the Victorian London tour during your stay in London

What is the Victorian age known for?

Victorian age was named after Queen Victoria. The era of her throne was 68 years from 1837 to 1901. This is also called Victorian Era.