The Ultimate Guide to London’s West End

piccadilly circus

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that London’s West End has it all. Spanning all of Oxford Street, Bond Street, Regent Street, Covent Garden and Leicester Square, the West End is an all-encompassing colossus of an area, featuring a myriad of entertaining activities and cultural flavours, and open to 15 million visiting tourists every year. It’s probably safe to assume that there’s something for everyone here. The area is really well equipped with just about anything you can imagine in the line of consumer entertainment. Really, the best way to discover these things is by having a wander yourself, but if you would rather know exactly what there is to do, and where there is to stay, look no further than our guide below.

piccadilly circusWhat to do

There are 40 theatres here for your enjoyment, all showing a variety of critically acclaimed West End shows. Whether it’s Matilda, or The Lion King, you can find it all here and then some more. From the Criterion to the Gielgud, there’s a outlet to serve even the most eclectic tastes. Needless to say, they’re all incredibly popular, so make sure you book before you attend.

Besides the theatre there’s an unimaginably huge range of Cafés, Bars and Restaurants. For a traditionally British offering, try the hearty fish and chips at Kerbisher and Malt. Waxy O’Connors and nearby Waxy’s Little Sister should cater for drinks. When you’ve had a bite and a drink you can explore the many clothes shops here, including Oxfam’s second-hand offerings. Try the British Museum for antiques, the National Gallery for art, the Silver Vaults in Chancery Lane for expensive trinkets, and the Cartoon Museum for a more colourful offering.

For those who crave a little more from their journey, nearby Regent Street and Bond Street should suffice in the form of entertainment.

And if the bustle of London’s busiest area is too much for you, there’s respite to be found in surrounding side streets. There’s also a bunch of hidden gems scattered across these smaller roads – the best thing to do is to explore these yourself and see what you can find!

Where to stay

After a long day of tasting the local flavour, you might be worried about finding a place to wind down and stay for the evening, but accommodation in London Westend need not be difficult to find. There’s a massive amount of hotels and hostels close to the area – you could probably find one on every other block. The Piccadilly London West End Hotel is a fantastic option for those travelling alone or in groups, and is only minutes away from Piccadilly and other London landmarks you may wish to visit.