Why you should visit London

piccadilly circus

Perhaps you’re debating on which European destination you should visit this season, and you’re torn between the number of options you have. If London forms part of that parcel of cities you’re considering, we’ll be providing you with ample reasons on why you should make it your destination of choice this winter.

The hotels near Piccadilly Circus London provide visitors with the incredible convenience of being close to many of the capital’s attractions. From Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, to Oxford Circus – you won’t be able to book anywhere else after your first visit. The Piccadilly London West End Hotels belong to the highest tier of luxury hotels in the area. So if you’re planning to relax in style in the capital of London, look no further.

Piccadilly London West EndLondon is steeped in an incredible amount of history – with the various galleries and museums (many are free to visit), exploring the remarkable tale of the city and much more. The Science Museum, for instance, attracts 3.3million tourists daily, exhibiting all areas of science and technology.

Other museums include the National History Museum, the London Transport Museum – along with many more.

Staying clear of the bustling noises of inner city traffic is easier than you might imagine. Myriad parks scatter the city; Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath, Richmond Park, and Queens Park comprise the quartet of parks that most visitors opt for during their stay.

What makes London so welcoming to travellers from around the world is its cultural diversity. More than 300 languages are spoken, and people from more than 100 nationalities can be found in the city. Interestingly, ¾ of residents in the capital are foreign born. Naturally, it’s fair to say that visiting London is like akin to dipping yourself in a melting pot of communities from all around the world.

The excellent side benefit of all of that is the incredible range of ethnic cuisine available. From Turkish, Italian, to Chinese – you’ll find it in the city – and at an acceptable price too. Whether you’re looking for street food or Michelin-starred restaurants, you’ll have plenty to choose from.