A Visitor’s Guide to Parliament Square


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Parliament SquareNot only is it a good idea to find a fantastic quality hotel for your break in London, but you should also make sure that you compile your list of things to do well in advance. Thankfully, London is not short on tourist spots, attractions and days out to enjoy, whatever your age or interest.

One popular place to visit is Parliament Square. Found in Westminster, it is easy to get to and has plenty to recommend it. Brush up on your knowledge of the area before your trip with our handy guide.

The history of Parliament Square

Parliament Square was created in 1868 by Sir Charles Barry. It was designed to improve the look of the outside of the brand new Houses of Parliament, which he also designed. The square has become a place whereby important figures in political history have been celebrated using beautifully and intricately designed statues. This includes Sir Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Sir Robert Peel and Abraham Lincoln.

During 1926, Parliament Square became famous for an entirely different reason, becoming the first roundabout in Britain, as well as being the location of the first traffic signals in London.

Whether it is for the statues, the locations or even the history, Parliament Square still remains a popular tourist destination within the busy heart of London.

What is there?

Whilst Parliament Square itself is a fascinating look at 19th Century architecture, this isn’t the only thing to see in the area. In fact, it is located right next to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Both of which are popular tourist attractions and beautiful buildings to see too. You can also see Big Ben, which is one of the most famous landmarks in the entire London area.

From time to time, there may also be events held within Parliament Square, particularly during popular tourist visiting times such as Christmas and New Year. Which means that it is a good idea to check any event listings before you head off to London.

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