Why visitors stay in London’s West End

London Entertainment

West End of London consists of many of the city’s major tourist attractions, government buildings, shops, businesses and entertainment venues, including the West End theatres. The west end covers much of the boroughs Westminster and Camden. The west end is the main commercial and entertainment centre of the city. It is the largest central business district in the United Kingdom

London theatreThere are significant concentrations of buildings and activities in the West end. They include art galleries and Museums, educational institutions, government buildings, embassies, hotels, media establishments, theatres, cinemas, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and shops.

It includes the grand old quarters of St James and Mayfair, he shopping arteries of Oxford Street and Regent Street and the urban grid of Soho.

Visitors stay in West End because it is frenzied all the time. It has a large mid-week population but acts as a magnet at weekends pulling in people from outside London in search of fun. Visitors stay in West End because of its Museums and Galleries. The most famous museums and galleries in the area are the National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Academy of Arts and the London Transport Museum.

Another reason why visitors stay in the West End is due to the shopping. It has some of London’s finest shopping streets. Oxford street, Regent street, Bond street and not forgetting St Christopher’s Palace, home to some of the big-name flagship stores like, Topshop, Ralph Lauren, Selfridges, the Apple store and Hanley’s, Covent Garden is a lovely area to explore on foot. There are smaller West End shopping streets as well in the area.

West End TheatresThe Theatre is another reason why visitors like to stay in the West End. Alongside Broadway in New York, West End theatre represents the highest quality theatre in the world. Theatre performances in the West End tend to be musicals, classic plays and comedies.

Cinemas and Casinos another thing that attracts visitors the West End, this part of West End plays host to some of Hollywood’s stars who can be seen posing for photos almost every week. If you want to see a film in London, the chances are you will be able to see it in one of the several cinemas in the West End which are mostly located on or near Leicester Square. This is also the place you will find the 24-hour Hippodrome Casino.

During Christmas, in London, the West End is always adorned with festive decorations and seasonal special events. London’s New Year’s Day Parade also takes place on the streets of London’s West End