Welcome to the London Eye


The London Eye has truly made itself part of the London world. It stands out bright and large on the London skyline, visible from even distant boroughs. Settled as it is across the river from Big Ben and Parliament house, it is naturally a prime target for tourists, and a great way to bring them across the river onto the South Bank. The panoramic views that it offers make it a wonderful experience that offers a truly unique perspective on this beautiful and ancient city.  It is well worth your time taking a ride on this enormous Ferris wheel, so be sure to check it out.

About the Eye

The London Eye is a massive 135 meter tall wheel that rotates slowly and offers unparalleled forty kilometre views of London. London is mostly flat due to an old law that forbid any buildings from blocking the view to St Paul’s Cathedral, which means that from the London Eye you can see practically all of London. The ride around takes half an hour, which may seem like a long time, but trust me, when you get back down to the  you will want to go around again to see if you missed anything. There is an electronic guide in the ride that will help point out all the landmarks you will want to watch out for. While it is best to go during the day in order to make everything out, the field of lights that you see at night is truly incredible and it is well worth making a second trip.


The London Eye is usually about twenty pounds for an adult and fourteen pounds for children, although ticket prices do vary during the peak periods. The prices are definitely worth it, but keep an eye out for deals. Tickets around the London Eye are often included in bundle deals to other excellent places around London like Madame Tussauds and the London Dungeon.

Getting There

The London Eye is immediately opposite Big Ben, across Westminster Bridge. The easy proximity to many of London’s most famous tourist destinations mean that it is exceptionally easy to get to the London eye; the massive size also makes it very easy to spot. The closest tube stations are Waterloo Station, which also provides links for National Rail, Westminster, and Embankment. From these you can easily get onto the Bakerloo, Northern, Circle, District, and Jubilee Lines. The Piccadilly Line is also nearby, just a slightly longer walk up to Leicester Square. If you don’t mind the slower pace, there are plenty of bus routes that pass through the area and can connect you to most of London, a particularly good option if you are heading into South London. Finally, it is worth noting that the London Eye is an easy walk away from cheap West End hotels, so if you are staying in that neighborhood you simply need to stroll down through St James’ park and you will be at the London Eye.