Wellness in London West End


The capital city is renowned for being the business hub of Britain; for being the home of some of the most famous shops and department stores in the world, such as Harrods. Liberty and Selfridges; for breeding a cultural scene that can span back centuries and for holding some of the most key historical sights in British history, such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament. There is little wonder why millions of tourists flock to the city every year to experience what London has to offer.

london wellness

There is an abundance of public transport around the city; from the iconic double decker buses to London’s famous black cabs, from Boris bikes to the tube, there are several ways to get you from A to B in the blink of an eye. However, the very best way to see the city is by foot and, for example, even though walking from The Piccadilly London West End to the Buckingham Palace will take you around half an hour by foot, you will get to see many of London’s famous sights along the way. Your journey begins with two options, left or right; turning right will take you through Piccadilly Circus, down to the famous strip outside the palace,The Mall, where you can either walk straight down towards the palace or you can take a minor detour through St James’s Park, where you can survey one of the prettiest parks in the city.

Turning left will take longer, however, you will see so much more. The first stop will be Chinatown where you can experience some of the best Chinese cuisine in the city, from there you will walk down to Leicester Square, the home of the film premieres. Trafalgar Square is just a short walk away from the square and here you will see Nelson’s Column, the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. Cutting across Trafalgar Square, you are faced with heading through St James’s Park towards the palace, or you can take a detour down Horse Guards Road where you will see Downing Street, Horse Guards Parade, the Imperial War Museums and, finally, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Taking a right will lead you around St James’s Park and will take you directly to Buckingham Palace.

After this trek, you will certainly need a pamper and health and wellness in London West End has never been better. You can head to Chinatown for a rigorous deep tissue massage, or head back to your hotel for a calming hot stone massage, a relaxing facial or even a make up session if you are heading out for the evening. You deserve it after a long, exciting day.