Wet Summer Fun in the Top UK Water Parks

Water Parks

This summer has so far seen some of London’s hottest days ever recorded. It is no time to be stuck in the middle of the boiling city, especially if you have to use the sweltering tube to get around. No matter how nice and comfortable the hotels near West End are, it would still be nice to get out there and cool off in a water park. Take the time to get out of London and enjoy a relaxing break from the heat and work in one of the UK’s top water parks.

Amazonia Adventure

This fun water park is geared towards a younger crowd, making it an excellent option for parents wanting to tire out their tireless kids. There are a few treats for speed demons, but most of the rides focus on relaxation and simply enjoying the water. There are geysers and fountains and air beds to float on; plenty to keep you calm and cool this summer.


The adventurous should seek out the Wet ‘n’ Wild in South Shields, home of the Kamikaze; the United Kingdom’s fastest water ride. Will you brave a nearly vertical 80 foot drop, or the dark tunnels of The Abyss? A definite must for thrill seekers wanting to cool off this summer.


A great spot for the whole family is Splashdown; there are a few different ones around the UK, so you’ve got options if the water park appeals to you. There is the Buccaneer Zone for the kids, a whole host of thrill rides for the adult like the Screamer and the Black Thunder and the Baron’s Revenge.With a lot of options for the brave and cautious alike, this park is well worth a visit.


If you are worried about the weather ruining your water park fun, be sure to head to the indoor water parkWaterworld in Stoke on Trent. There are fast flumes, wave machines, obstacle courses, tropical storms and more. There is even an Aqua Disco every Friday night; a fun event for everyone involved.

Waterpark Alton Towers

True thrill seekers know all about Alton Towers, but have perhaps overlooked the attached water park. Part indoor, part out, this excellent water park is based on a Caribbean lagoon. There is a lot to do, from the Master Blaster water roller coaster to a soothing bob along the lazy river.

Kings Cross Pond

If you sadly can’t pull yourself away from your hotel in West End London, there is luckily still a great option for keeping cool during your stay. The Kings Cross Pond, just near Kings Cross Station, is a brand new man-made fresh water pond that functions both as a great way to cool down and an innovative piece of Land Art. This forty meter long chemical free pool with lovely views of the surrounding London provides an exceptional way to relax and unwind while you are staying in our great and bustling city.