What’s the reward for going to the Theatre?


What’s so good about the theatre anyway?
If you’re visiting London soon, we’ll tell you why you absolutely must take a trip to the West End. This epicentre of an area is home to the capital’s premiere theatres. There’s something magical about discovering the various spots that cater to a plethora of shows. Some of them include: The Novella Theatre, the Prince Edward Theatre, the Apollo Victoria theatre, and the Old Vic. Many of the spectacles blend themes of morality, mortality, and day to day issues; while taking you on a whimsical ride of fiction.

Cinema vs Theatre
There’s a visceral nature to theatre that’s unfound in modern cinema. The different art form is arguably better able at drawing in the audience right from the get-go, captivating the crowd with moments of utter surprise and shock. On top of that, it could be said that the direction the theatre display is going to take is unpredictable. It’s this unpredictability that forms the essence of what theatre is all about.

Since the first West End theatre opened in 1663, the area has grown to become the major theatre hub in London. The stars come to the capital, and you can get a first-hand glimpse into the special performances you can only dream about. Utter bewilderment, enticement, and profound, meaningful entertainments wait for you at the theatre. It might seem like a contradiction, but theatre is one of the few arts where the audience can feel entertained and deeply moved at the same time.

The kind of shows you can expect to find in London
Commitments, the Lion King show, Billy Elliot the Musical, the Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked, are a few of the famous names you’ll hear about. The latter was voted London’s best night out in 2011 by the Evening Standard Theatre Awards.  Prices for these high ends shows range between £15-25, although certain shows can cost up to £50 depending on the time you book them. It’s clearly more expensive than visiting many of the attractions in the capital; but nevertheless they’re worth it in every way. Venues tend to be grand and opulent; with world class lighting and spacious stages. Wherever you sit, you can be sure that you’re in an area that’s been designed for the best viewing experience. Take a trip to the West End and get a taste of the special theatre experience that waits for you.

After all, London brings some of the most famous acts in the world, and delivers them with absolute perfection and consistency. That’s something that’s unheard of in most cities. You’ll find a range of hotels near West End theatres; meaning you can comfortably explore the range of theatre shows the city has to offer. We recommend this; because every theatre act is unique – and you’ll be better able to decide if the theatre is your kind of thing after seeing more than a couple of shows.

Whether you’re planning to visit London for a couple of days or longer, remember to book a show at a theatre of your choice. And make sure to pick something that you think you’ll enjoy. While many of the theatre shows at first glance tend to have an ambiguous nature about them, you can read reviews online to get a small picture of what awaits. From there, you’ll be good to find a great West End deal, and book your visit at one of the first class theatre venues in London.