Where To Find The Best High Streets In London

london high street

With so much tourism in London, there’s always a new area to explore. Whether it’s the wide range of historic attractions or the arts events across the city, tourists will always flock back. With 19 million tourists a year coming to London, many will no doubt want to find some souvenirs to remind them of their boutique hotels in West End London trip. Combining great shopping experiences with iconic attractions isn’t always easy, London is a large city, and the shopping areas aren’t always close to the best places to visit. However, below are some of our favourite shopping areas, and why they make good tourists spots in their own right.

 selfridges oxford street

Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus is one of the best streets in London for shopping. Well known as the busiest high street in Europe, you can find a wide range of great flagship stores on Oxford Street. Whether it’s one of the largest Top Shops in the UK or the beautiful John Lewis located on Oxford street, there’s plenty for all the family. Alongside plenty of tourist tat, there’s some high class department stores based on Oxford Street, and whatever you’re looking for during your shopping spree, Oxford Circus will definitely have it, and more.

 Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is based in the West End of London and is easily reachable from the Piccadilly London West End hotels. For high end fashion and kitsch homeware, Covent Garden and the seven dials offers it all, alongside great cafes, pubs and restaurants.

 Portobello Road market

Portobello Road

Portobello Road is home to one of the most famous markets in London. Taking up a mile of space, Portobello Market is open every saturday and sunday and has its market seller flogging antique furniture, vintage clothes and jewellery. With so much on offer, Portobello Road is also home to some great West London pubs so that you can wet your whistle.

Regent Street

Regents Street

Based just off of Oxford Circus, Regents Street gives you great access to the West End whilst also hosting a range of great high street shops. Not unlike Oxford Circus, which it crosses, Regents Street is a heady mix of classic London buildings and high end retail and department stores.

 Brick Lane and Shoreditch

Brick Lane and Shoreditch

Shoreditch’s Brick Lane is one of the most popular areas of East London. With it’s long spanning and multicultural history, Brick Lane is perfect for the fashionable shopper looking for a boutique retailer. Highlights such as Box Park will find you enjoying a wide range of independent shops, all stacked up in repurposed ship crates.

With Brick Lane hosting a range of record, vintage and high street fashion stores, you’d be forgiven for missing the culinary skills on display during the retail flurry. Brick Lane’s history spans back to the Victorian era when many European Jewish settlers made their home there, whilst later in the mid 20th century, a large Bangladeshi contingent made their home there too. This meant that many Jewish bakeries and bagel shops as well as Bangladeshi diners opened up around Shoreditch and the east end. Many are still open, and it’s easy to see how the area still retains its history and culture through these traditional eateries.