Wine Tasting in London


White, red or rosé? Whatever your palate prefers, you’ll find it at one of the many wine establishments throughout London. Life-long connoisseurs will find a complexity of flavours and aromas in the luxurious wine bars, while those looking to expand their wine knowledge can enjoy sublime taste sensations as they enter an amazing new world of wine tasting.

Here at the Piccadilly hotel London we strive to provide the best hotels in west end London. That means we always stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends in the city. The wine scene in London is like no other in the world so we’ve put together the ultimate guide for places to sample some of the best flavours from around the world.

Taste of wine in london


William IV Street, London

Anyone who is a regular on the London wine scene will immediately recognise the name of this little but legendary wine bar. Terroirs played a lead role in the evolution of the city’s wine market during a time when Bordeaux and Burgundy were the only two varietals you could find on most respectable menus. After years spent venturing across France in search of new flavours, the guys at Terroirs helped changed the game and bring London’s wine bars to the forefront. The city is known for pushing boundaries and starting new trends. Terroirs is a perfect example of London’s cultural significance and you can find it nestled away on William IV Street, just a short way from the Piccadilly hotel London.

Sager + Wilde

Paradise Row, London

Go back a decade and most people would associate fine wines and tasting events with snooty aristocrats and pretentious wealthy business people. Sager and Wilde have managed to destroy that stereotype and make wine cool. From a humble little pop up that once served unique blends from unusual sources, their gorgeous wine bard has grown into a hotspot for connoisseurs from around the world. If you really want to experience what London’s wine scene is all about, be sure to stop by their beautiful wood-clad bar for a friendly chat and a glass of delicious wine.

New Street Wine Shop

New Street, London

Like with most industries and markets, the big companies will always muscle their way in if things are looking up. Restaurant giant D&D made their addition to the wine scene with the opening of New Street Wine Shop and despite being an international chain, has a lot to offer. There are some benefits to having a wine bar run by one of the biggest companies in the business. What the establishment may lack in history or character, it more than makes up for in sheer volume. The vast menu at New Street Wine Shop consists of every blend and flavour you could imagine. This means you won’t struggle to find something for everyone, regardless of who you’re travelling with. Whether you’re on a date and looking to impress or you’re meeting international clients, you can satisfy everyone’s taste buds at this popular wine shop.