Your Ultimate Guide to Relaxation at The Piccadilly West End

Piccadillywest london

If you’re planning a trip to London, then you’ve probably got lots of adventures on your mind. London is packed with culture, history, entertainment and much more, and all of that activity can sometimes get a little exhausting.

Luckily, for guests staying at the Piccadilly Hotel, you can enjoy some of the most wonderfully relaxing treats in the comfort of your home from home, while still being perfectly placed to enjoy all of the buzz and wonder that the city has to offer. Read on to find out more about how you can have the most relaxing time of your life, at the Piccadilly West End.

Enjoy convenience and ease in London

London is a big and busy city, and it can often be a little challenging to get around without feeling stressed out. While the city has excellent transport connections, staying away from central London often means you have a lengthy journey to get into the city, to check out its best attractions.

The Piccadilly Hotel is perfectly placed to help you enjoy all that London has to offer, without needing to worry yourself about long journey times. Located on Shaftesbury Avenue in Piccadilly, you’re right where all the action is, close to the excitement of the West End theatres, where you can check out the biggest shows in the capital, the vibrant and busy shopping streets of Oxford Street and Regent Street, and within easy reach of top tourist sights, such as Buckingham Palace and the British Museum. Staying here can help you enjoy a more relaxing experience of the city, as you can get around without a hitch.

Dine out in style

It goes without saying that London is a food lover’s paradise, with some of the best places to dine in the world. If your idea of a relaxing trip away involves sitting down in style to sample some of the tastiest treats you can find, then you might want to treat yourself to a themed afternoon tea London.

Afternoon tea is a bit of a British classic, and not to be missed. With a feast of cakes, delicate pastries, freshly made sandwiches and savoury snacks, plus a generous amount of fragrant tea to enjoy while you eat, it’s a refined and delicious way to spend an afternoon. Afterwards, you might want to treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner, or sparkling cocktails, in one of London’s many world-renowned locations.

Sooth your aches and pains with a spa session

Exploring London is full of plenty of great things to discover, from the many historic marvels around the city, to the incredible shopping districts and captivating landmarks to visit. However, all that trekking around can soon get fatiguing, and often leave you too worn out to have another adventure the next day.

If you’re starting to feel a little tired from your city travels, freshen up in style with a trip to the spa. The Rituals Spa boasts some exceptional treatments, all designed to help you feel soothed and refreshed, from complete body rituals with treatments inspired by the beautiful location of Polynesia, to deep relaxation sessions, using ancient therapies and ingredients.

Lie back and unwind as the spa’s expert therapists sooth and calm your senses, with fragrant scented oils and lotions, before scrubbing your skin to help you feel fresh and rejuvenated, ready to embrace the best of what London has to offer.

Indulge in a fabulous massage

It’s hard to beat the deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing that can come after a wonderful massage, and at the Piccadilly West End you can treat yourself to a sensuous and soothing one.

The spa’s therapists offer a great menu of different treatment options, helping you to choose the perfect one for your needs. If you’re feeling tense and sore after a long journey and a hectic schedule of travelling to get to London, then a deep and invigorating Swedish massage might be the best way to help you recover, with its focus on improving blood circulation around the body, easing tightness and soreness in muscles, and leaving you feeling lighter and more flexible overall.

If you find yourself suffering from some sore or tight areas, such as stiff shoulders from carrying a lot of bags around, or sore legs from long hours of walking, try a deep tissue massage instead. This is the perfect way to sooth and release painful areas, helping to alleviate feelings of fatigue. Meanwhile, if you simply want to indulge in a little extra rest, or need some help getting to sleep, try a calming hot stones treatment, where special heated stones are placed at specific points on your body, to create a feeling of warmth and calm.

Treat yourself to a beautiful pamper

One of the loveliest ways that you can enjoy some extra-special relaxation in London is by indulging in a special beauty treatment, to help you feel and look your best. The Beauty and Melody spa Piccadilly offers a great range of treatments to leave you feeling glowing and radiant, whatever the occasion.

If you’ve got a special event planned in London, such as a memorable date or celebration, then prepare in style by enjoying a special treatment for your brows and lashes, and feel confident that your make up is perfectly flawless for the day. Or fix up your nails with the in-house manicure treatment, to help you feel completely put together and polished, from head to toe.

Lastly, you don’t need to have the excuse of a special event to have a little pamper. The Rituals facial treatment is a wonderful way to help you feel bright and youthful, with a combination of soothing skin masks and gentle massage, to refresh your skin, clear out toxins, and leave you feeling and looking awake. It’s the perfect way to make sure that you feel your very best, before you head out for a day of adventure across the capital.