How is the Night Life In London?

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If you’re planning a trip to London sometime soon, then you’ll probably want to know all about how the city fares after dark. London is a colourful, vibrant and busy place, with a constant buzz of energy and excitement across the capital, wherever you are. Exceptional by day, there’s even more to see and do after dark, with a fantastic variety of nightlife to explore.

With fantastic packages available at the London Piccadilly Hotel it’s the perfect time to plan some fun in London. Read on to find out what you can explore when it comes to enjoying the city after the sun goes down.

Try out the fantastic bars

If you love a good cocktail, then you’ll be spoilt for choice in London. There are plenty of exceptional cocktail bars across the city, including some of the best near the London Piccadilly Hotel itself.

If you’re in the West End and fancy a great drink with a lively and colourful atmosphere around you, then it’s worth making your way to Chinatown, where you’ll find the Experimental Cocktail Club. While the understated doorway might not seem like there’s much to enjoy here, make your way through to enter a completely different world, where their exceptional mixologists craft constantly evolving and surprising cocktails for your pleasure.

For those who prefer an old school cocktail with some vintage glamour, then head to some of the classiest bars around the city. There are plenty to choose form, often in some surprising places, but one iconic spot near Bank at The Ned is the Library Bar. Replete with plush grandeur, comfortable and indulgent furnishings and plenty of dark glossy wood, this small and intimate space is the perfect place to savour a drink or two with someone special.

Experience the West End

London is a city packed with fantastic arts and culture, and one of the best parts of it is the capital’s long standing and thriving theatre scene. With dozens of great theatres throughout the city, including some that date back a fair few centuries, a night out at the theatre can be a fantastic way to enjoy an evening when in London.

There are several exceptional theatres across the West End itself, which is where most of the city’s biggest venues can be found. You might want to start with delicious afternoon tea London deals before heading to an evening performance. Check out The Old Vic, one of the West End’s most iconic spaces, where you’ll regularly find some of the biggest stars performing on stage, or head to the stunning National Theatre, which boasts an exceptional variety of types of shows. Of course, you will most likely need some post-theatre food to enjoy while you discuss the play, so check out Hankies London where you can find some delicious Indian-style tapas dishes, which are perfect for sharing with friends and good conversation.

Enjoy a delicious meal out

If food is the way to your heart, then there is plenty of delicious temptation in store for you on a night out in London. Take your choice from world-class restaurants around the capital, including several Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as many other highly reputed spaces, where you can find some of the best food around.

You’ll find plenty of great restaurant Piccadilly if you’re looking for something close by, or you can venture further afield to try out some of the exceptional variety of cuisine on offer. London is a true melting pot of cultures and cuisines, so you’ll find exceptional foodie treats from everywhere in the world, from sophisticated Indian dishes to romantic classic French food, vibrant Mexican plates and sushi to leave your mouth watering.

Head to the rooftops

With its iconic and world famous skyline, one of the best ways to experience London after dark is to head up high, where you can enjoy a stunning view across the capital. There are plenty of great spots where you can enjoy the view, and have the chance to see the variety of iconic landmarks in the capital from a fresh new perspective.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and impressive place to enjoy drinks, then head to the Sky Pod at the Walkie Talkie building, at 20 Fenchurch Street. Free to enter as long as you’ve made a booking, you’ll be rewarded with 360 degree views across the capital, and see far across the River Thames, with the city lit up spectacularly below you. It also has a lovely and intimate indoor garden, making it the perfect place to enjoy drinks with someone special on a date.

When you want to pull out all the stops and really impress someone, then head to the top of the Shard, the highest point in the city. With a fantastic restaurant and the capital’s highest viewing platform, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious dinner, whilst taking in some of the most memorable views ever.

Try something unusual

While London brims with plenty of style and sophistication, there is much more to do after dark in the city, beyond its bars and stylish restaurants. For those who love to dance, there are some iconic nightclubs to head to throughout the capital, including the infamous Heaven, where you can be sure of a great time on the dancefloor, or XOYO over in Old Street, which draws some of the best DJ club nights in the city.

If you really want to be surprised, then check out some of London’s quirkier nighttime activities, such as the giant lit up ball pit cocktail bar, Ballie Ballerson, where you can dive into a nostalgic ball pit in between rounds of cocktails and dancing. Or for something a little more atmospheric, head to some of the city’s top museums for some of their special late night events. It’s hard to beat the brilliant experience of dancing around in a silent disco in the Natural History Museum, surrounded by enthralling exhibits and great people.