The best educational exhibits to see at the British Museum


Among the historic institutes of London, the British Museum is one of the most popular and significant attractions. Home to thousands of ancient artefacts and historic documents, it is a treasure trove of culture that visitors to the city flock to in their thousands.

If you’re in search of history on your trip to London, be sure to take advantage of our London West End deals so you will have easy access to the British Museum. The Piccadilly London West End is right around the corner which means you’ll be able to check out some of these amazing exhibitions and events during your stay.

British Museum

Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia

14 Sep, 2017 – 14 Jan, 2018

This new exhibit offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about one of the great untold stories of history. Take a trip through time and across the plains of Siberia and learn about the history of the Scythians, an ancient set of tribes who fought for control of the area at a time when conflict consumed Siberia. With historical documents and artefacts dating back thousands of years, the Scythians Exhibit will give you a look into history like never before. Learn who they were, where they came from and the legacy that they left behind which is still noticeable in modern culture.

Living with Gods

2 Nov, 2017 – 8 April, 2018

The idea of God is a concept that has been around since the dawn of human existence. Ever since civilisations started cropping up, humans have looked to the stars, to nature and to each other in search of a deity who can provide hope and answers. Living with Gods is a wonderful exhibit that looks at the theory behind the concept of god and compares the belief systems of religions and civilisations throughout history. Featuring an extensive collection of artefacts and historical documents, the exhibit is a must-see for anyone looking to learn something new while staying at The Piccadilly London West End.

A Physician’s Cabinet

24 Nov, 2017 – 11 Jan, 2018

If you really want to learn more about the history of the British Museum, this unique exhibit features a selection of materials that were collected by the very man who founded the institution. Sir Hans Sloan was a talented and renowned physician during the 17th and 18th centuries and was also an avid collector of artefacts and antiques. The collection includes rare prints, authentic drawings, antique tools, paintings and rare natural minerals. Be sure to stop by and browse this rare collection to learn more about one of Britain’s most famous patrons.

The Business of Prints

21 Sep, 2017 – 28 Jan, 2018

Business of PrintsHave you ever wondered how people communicated, promoted and distributed information before the internet and photography? Back before everything was done on the World Wide Web, the printing trade reigned supreme and was responsible for keeping the world connected. This in-depth exhibit will take you on a journey through time to learn about how printing presses were invented and used between 1400 and 1850. The work involved was much more difficult than simply clicking a button or sending an email. This is a great learning opportunity for people of all ages.