What Makes Piccadilly Circus the Place to Be


Piccadilly Circus is a place you picture when you picture London. The most central and buzzing part of London it is a must-visit for every traveller! When you hear the name Piccadilly Circus, the first thing that pops up in your mind is sure to be the origin of the amusing name! Well, the Piccadilly part of the name has a history dating back to 1612, when Roger Baker, a tailor, made a fortune from selling ‘Piccadils’ (neck collars worn as a fashion statement in the 17th century). As for the word Circus, it comes from the Latin word for a circle or a ring, mostly used by Romans to refer to public squares.

If you are looking for an abode in one of the liveliest areas of London, reserve your stay with the luxurious The Piccadilly London West End, and experience the comfort of living in one of the most popular landmarks in the city. With the best experiences awaiting you only a skip and hop away, here’s what you can do in and around Piccadilly Circus.

See the Piccadilly Lights

You’ll find Piccadilly Circus glimmering with neon displays, right at its centre. These popular displays light up the entire public circle all day and especially so in the night and are a sight to behold, for a great start to your Piccadilly Circus adventure. The iconic Piccadilly London lights also are a spectacular backdrop to a bronze fountain, with a figure of a majestic, winged archer above it. Click some Instagram-worthy photos here, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere!

Check Out the Theatre District

A trip to London is not complete without witnessing the world-famous theatre scene, in Piccadilly Circus’ West End area. Whether you love theatre or not, the magic of London Broadway shows is sure to leave you mesmerised and wanting more. While the West End theatres are full of shows suitable for every age and taste, some of the popular ones to watch include:

  • Disney’s award-winning musical-The Lion King
  • A fully staged production of Les Miserables
  • The ultimate feel-good musical-The Choir Man, and
  • Matilda The Musical to name a few

P.S. You can purchase the tickets online ahead of time or head to TKTS in Leicester Square, nearby to get them on the spot.

Discover Harry Potter Locations

Fans of the Harry Potter series may want to keep an eye out while visiting Piccadilly Circus, as some of the locations here were used during the filming of the legendary movie series. If Harry Potter is your favourite movie character ever, you may want to keep an eye out for the best London West End stay package! This is because Piccadilly Circus has been the filming location for some of the key scenes in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yes, you read that right! Take a Harry Potter walking tour or a self-guided tour and trace the footsteps of Harry, Hermoine, and Ron as they make their way along Shaftesbury Avenue. Pass through Leicester Square (having dodged the dangerous Death Eaters) and pass through Odeon Cinema, a location for all Harry Potter film premiers.

Visit Trafalgar Square

Next, make your way to the South side of Leicester Square. You’ll find yourself in Trafalgar Square, with the famous fountain and lion statues. The popular public square is also surrounded by the iconic Whitehall, St. Martins in the Fields church, and the legendary National Gallery of London! So, feel free to spend some time in the historic church or explore the world-renowned National Gallery Museum, that too for free. After all the exploring, take a rejuvenating break at Piccadilly West End Hotel spa.

Even days wouldn’t seem enough when it comes to taking in the vibe and sights of Piccadilly Circus, in the heart of London. So, look out for discount hotels in West End London and have the best time in the city!