9 Trip Tips for Business Travellers in London

business traveler

From navigating the city using London’s extensive public transport network to making the most of any free time, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your visit to the capital even if you’ll be travelling for business.

Here are a few top tips for business travellers staying at our Piccadilly hotel this year.

  1. Leave the car at home

With congestion charges and parking costs to factor in (not to mention traffic), getting the train to our Piccadilly hotel is a much less challenging and expensive option for business travellers.

London has a fast and efficient underground network and several train lines that connect the city from further afield, so it can seriously help keep your travelling costs down and get you to your destination quickly, without having to navigate the busy roads in and around the city.

  • Make the most of your budget

Travelling to London doesn’t have to be expensive with our special offers London hotels, so make sure that you book your room in advance in order to secure the best rates and lessen the load on the company budget.

If you’re able to save your business a little extra on accommodation, you’ll be able to stretch that little bit further when it comes to entertaining corporate clients at some of the best restaurants West End London without incurring the wrath of the accounts department afterwards.

  • Networking opportunities

If you’ll be travelling to London to meet up with potential clients, the city offers a plethora of options for corporate entertainment. If you want to woo would-be customers during the day and leave your nights free to explore more of what the city has to offer, our afternoon tea London deals offer a great way of treating prospects to a brand-new experience without eating into your free time.

Just speak to the reception team at our Piccadilly hotel, and we’ll do the rest!

  • Navigate the city with ease


One of the best things about a stay at our Piccadilly hotel is that it is located along several Tube lines that connect with all other areas of the city with ease. This means that you’ll be able to get to those all-important meetings quickly without having to rely on your company car or taxis during your stay.

Make sure you pick up a Tube map from our Piccadilly hotel reception desk when you check in as this will help you find your way and plan your journey easily.

  • Pack light

light packing

If you are taking advantage of our special offers London hotels for your business trip, you’ll be able to access a range of our useful services for business travellers. This includes a laundry service should you need to get any suits or shirts dry cleaned during your stay. Don’t be afraid to pack light as the team at our Piccadilly hotel will be more than happy to take care of your dry cleaning needs.

  • Pay a visit to the West End

oxford street

If you’re visiting your company’s head office, then you’ll probably want to spend a little time getting to know some of the colleagues that you don’t get to see on a regular basis. The West End offers a wide range of amazing shows to suit any taste and work schedule, so why not gather the team together for an impromptu night out?

With so many restaurants West End London to choose from, meet up at our Piccadilly hotel for a few cocktails or a delicious evening meal before heading off to discover what else the West End has to offer during your trip.

  • Team building opportunities

London has some amazing team building activities on offer for those visiting the city for business purposes, so why not inject a little fun into your trip and sign up for an adrenaline-filled activity to help bring the team closer together?

The 02 Arena offers groups the chance to climb to the summit of the iconic entertainment venue and enjoy the spectacular views from the top, plus it’s easy to reach the arena via Tube from our Piccadilly hotel. Hop on the Bakerloo line from Piccadilly and then swap to the Jubilee line at Waterloo, getting off the Tube at North Greenwich Staation. The trip takes around 30 minutes.

Just make sure that you make your booking in advance and don’t forget, you can treat your team to one of our afternoon tea London deals afterwards as they’re certain to be hungry after all that exercise and excitement.

  • Take some time off

A trip to London shouldn’t be all work and no play, so when the working day comes to an end it’s time for you to enjoy some of the more exciting attractions London has to offer.

Pay a visit to one of our restaurants West End London before heading off to a show with a friend or colleague or why not check out some of the museum lates that run throughout the year?

These special events run at regular intervals and offer late-night admission to many of London’s most popular art galleries and museums, so there’s no reason that you should miss out on some of the latest exhibitions just because you’ve been busy working during the day.

  • Extend your stay in the city

If you’re required in the city first thing Monday morning and won’t be leaving until Friday, why not make the most of it and extend your stay at our Piccadilly hotel to include a weekend so you can enjoy a little more sightseeing on your own time?

Book one of our special offers London hotels in advance to make big savings on your accommodation and invite a friend or family member to join you for the weekend to really make the most of your visit to the capital.

As you’ve already travelled down to London, you might as well stay a little longer to enjoy some of the events and attractions that you may have missed out on during the working week. This tip is a great way of getting something out of your next business trip without having to pay your own travel costs.