Everything you need to know about travelling to Stonehenge from London


London is one of the most popular cities in United Kingdom. Visitors from around the world visit this vibrant city for its several attractions, shopping, experiences, carnivals, festivals, food and more. London being a central city opens several options for visitors to explore some attractions and other cities from here.

One of the most popular destinations you can visit from London is the Stonehenge attraction. A prehistoric monument in Wiltshire area of England, which is not so far from London, makes this place a nice day trip from Central London. A wonder of the Neolithic ancestors, it is one of the wonders of the world and is very famous attraction in Europe. This place house the iconic stone circle, their history and present, exhibition showcasing the theories of their existence and use, a museum, Neolithic houses, souvenir shop and more.


Stonehenge is an iconic symbol of the United Kingdom, and visitors travelling from around the world love visiting this popular sight. The Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site, is known as a spiritual place, a source of inspiration and a mysterious wonder of the world.

From Neolithic houses to the stunning engineering of the way the stone circle was built, this place will stun you in many ways. This massive masterpiece was skilfully built and is standing tall at time when technology was not so developed and tools as well as techniques were simple. In the Neolithic houses you can experience how people lived and civilizations were formed more than 4,500 years ago. In the centre you can see how the houses were built, what kind of things the people did then. You can also see demonstrations of flint knapping, making rope out of rushes and grinding grain with a quern and a rider. Plus, you can watch an incredible audio-visual here that gives a 360-degree view from inside the stones that takes you in the life of Neolithic people and experience the seasons, and how things changed from then and how they are now. You learn and get educated about the stones, the landscape, the people and the significance of this place.

To easily reach the attraction, you should book your stay at the Grand Park London Hyde Park Hotel which is central London and allows easy access trains and buses that take you to Stonehenge.

Things to do at Stonehenge

At the exhibitions here, you will find over 250 archaeological objects that were recovered and restored from that time. This collection includes cutlery, tools, jewellery, pottery and more. The most amusing exhibit is of the person who is believed to be here 5,500 years ago. His face has been reconstructed by forensic technology with the help of his bones and remains. Here you will also discover about the lifestyle of the people who built Stonehenge, their diets, methods, techniques and more.

Hikers can explore the massive area around Stonehenge or you can even explore the area and enjoy the gorgeous views on shuttle. After all the exploring you can take a relaxing break at the café here, enjoy a nice snack and a drink along with the countryside views.

This attraction also has a shop from where you can buy Stonehenge souvenirs, branded merchandise like clothing, books, gifts and more.

From here you are close to the Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum where you explore more about the story of Stonehenge.

How to get to Stonehenge from London?

What makes Stonehenge more popular amongst the travellers is the fact that it is close to London and is easily reachable from London. Stonehenge is in the middle nowhere, but its popularity has made it an easy to reach attraction. To be close to public transport you can book your stay at a 4 Star hotel in Paddington London.  Here are details about how you can reach this destination easily by different modes of transportation:

By Bus

Buses are the most relaxed way and probably the most affordable means of transportation to reach this attraction, but it might take longer than the rest. On the plus side, you will get to relax and see some breath-taking countryside views of the United Kingdom. You have the option to book a bus from the several tours that operate in London, and enjoy the fact sharing and commentary of the tour lead on your way to Stonehenge. If this option is too touristy for you, then you can take the local London buses that operate from Heathrow Airport and the Victoria Coach Station. These buses take approximately 2 hours to reach Stonehenge from London. You can buy the tickets to these coaches online or at the coach station.

By Train

London’s great train and tube connections are efficient and are boon for travellers. To avoid traffic delays and make your journey faster to Stonehenge you can take the train from London to this attraction. Since Stonehenge is in the middle of countryside, the closest station you find here is Salisbury which is about 9.5 miles away from Stonehenge. From here you can either take a bus or a taxi that drops you straight to the attractions entrance. Trains depart every hour from the London Waterloo Station. Other station close to the attraction are Grately, Warminster and Andover.

By Car

If you are driving from London or booking cab to Stonehenge you will experience great views of countryside and a ride on its roads.

Is Stonehenge far from London?

Depending on which mode of transportation you take, it takes maximum 2 hours to reach this destination. This makes it one of the close-by and easy to reach attractions in UK from central London.

Are you allowed to touch the stones at Stonehenge?

No, only 26 people at a time can see the stones and there is a barrier around which you can walk and explore. But it is strictly not allowed to touch the stones or cross the barriers.