Most stunning spots of London for photography, shooting and filming.


London is one of the most unique cities of the world where you will find a different vibe and character in every part of the city. The people, the food, the look and the streets of London offer something exceptional and something that defines the character of that area.

The London tower

To stay close to all the vibrant and buzzing spots of London, you must book your stay in the central part of London. Whether you are travelling with family, with friends, with a loved one or are visiting to simply capture the beauty and exclusivity of London, being central will make it even more memorable for you. You can book yourself a comfortable and luxurious stay at the Piccadilly London West End Hotel. You will be pampered with unmatched facilities and amenities in this hotel from the time you check-in here, till the time you check-out. Elegant décor and cutting technology used here will make your stay as comfortable as it can be. You will also benefit from the location of this hotel. Located in the heart of the city, it is close to tube, buses, trains that swiftly connects you to different parts of the city, the airport and even to places that are outside of London.

Places you must visit in London to capture some scenic beauty or its signature city highlights are:

Brick Lane

Famous for its unique culture, curries and vibrant markets, this place offers some great alleys and corners that are perfect backgrounds for some fine photographs and videos. Graffities being the main highlight of this place and many other parts of London make it a click-worthy area. The beautiful masterpieces by street artists here are so popular that wall art has become legal here now. Featuring customised murals, some of the street art here is influenced by the politics and social-economics affairs of the world.

Other streets famous for its striking and stunning street and wall art that also give you a great photo opportunity are Heneage Street, Hanbury Street, Fournier Street,


Another area that is a great spot for clicking pictures, using for shooting purposes and that provides amazing backdrops is Hoxton. It is not as rich in street art culture as Shoreditch and Brick Lane but is still has spots and corners that will truly amaze you.

The key streets you must visit in this area is Cremr Street.


This place is home to the hipster culture of London. Proving true to that culture it is popularly known as the London’s capital of street art. Featuring new, innovative and ground-breaking street art you can enjoy a great mix of things here.

The key street in this area is the Great Eastern Street, Chance Street, Turville Street, Redchurch Street, Liverpool Street, Egor Street and Whitney Street.


Camden High Street is another place that is famous for its vibe. To feel this vibe and see the goth inspired street art and art pieces, you must visit this place while you are in London.

The most popular streets to visit here are Haven Street or Camden Lock and Chalk farm Road.


This is the most buzzing area in the central part of London. Famous for it’s food, bars and cafes this place also features some stunning wall and street art.

The street you should visit here is Berwick Street. From here you can book the hotels near Piccadilly theatre.

What are the best spots in London?

Once you have found a nice corporate accommodation in London’s West End area the best places to visit are Piccadilly Circus, Covent garden, Leicester Square, Oxford Street and more.

What are the best places for wedding photography?

You can find great wedding photography locations in the massive and well-maintained parks of London as well as on the beautiful streets, corners and alleys of London that still have the old, rustic yet charming architecture.