What You Need To Know About European Rail Travel And COVID 19 In 2022

What You Need To Know About European Rail Travel And COVID 19 In 2022

The prevalence of COVID 19 meant that many people across the world had to think carefully about their travel arrangements, even forcing many to postpone holidays to ensure that they didn’t spread the virus. Whether you’re travelling by ferry, flight or car, the requirements across different countries varied greatly. Though people are still catching COVID 19, 2022 has seen a relaxing of coronavirus rules to the point that most people are permitted to travel internationally and from overseas to capitalise on London West End Hotel deals

The same is true for train travel. Though it might not be considered as a popular method for international travel, it’s utilised across Europe more than many people think. With hotels in West End London UK easy to reach from many of the city’s train termini, rail travel across both England and European tourist destinations can save you money and time on your journey. 

But circling back to COVID 19, all travel on every mode of transport has been affected in some capacity. This blog will explore how guests of London West End hotel deals can navigate European rail travel in 2022, and how COVID 19 might affect your journeys.

Train Travel In England

English train services to London are very efficient. Afterall, it’s a small island and if you’ve planned to see someone at a meeting place near Piccadilly Circus in the morning and want to be in Glasgow by the evening, this is perfectly possible. Luckily, all train services are running as normal with no delays due to COVID. If you are travelling to England by train and have been vaccinated, you will just have to show your proof of vaccination upon arrival.

Train Travel In Northern Europe

EU countries that allow for interrailing are, broadly speaking, also in the same boat – or carriage in this instance – as England. Most trains travelling across the borders of European countries are subject to some form of passport check and may require you to show proof of vaccination and if you don’t have one, then you may be required to take a COVID test to prove you are not infected.

Health Passports

Health passports take different forms depending on the country of origin. In England, the NHS COVID Pass provides proof through a QR code that is scanned on departure by security personnel. These show proof that you do not have COVID and have been vaccinated. You may be required to take a lateral flow or antigen test if you have not been vaccinated. Further still, if you haven’t been vaccinated and contract COVID, EU policy requires visitors to quarantine for between 5 and 10 days. 

Travel Forms

Passenger locator forms take various guises and can differ from country to country. These forms allow government and health agencies to track the general whereabouts of a foreigner who might be at risk of contracting COVID or indeed, has been in close contact with someone who has. Fortunately, many countries have abolished the use of these forms as COVID rates have subsided.

Where Are Trains Running Differently?

Whilst trains across many countries are running as normal, a few countries may have heightened measures in place due to spikes in infection rates. The world, generally speaking, is running their COVID measures via the “colour list” system. Higher infection rates on the “orange” list are subject to heightened restrictions, whilst “green” list countries have relatively flexible measures in place for travel. Whilst there are no “red list” countries at the present, high infection rates can lead to countries having flights and transport cancelled in and out of the nation until COVID rates have decreased.

Reduced Service Eurostar

Some of the only international train services to have restrictions placed upon them are Eurostar trains, which, due to COVID checks, have just over a third less trains running per day. From a usual 16 trains a day, most services are now running at 10 trains a day from London, Paris and Brussels.

It’s also worth noting that Eurostar trains won’t call at Ebbsfleet, Ashford, Lyon Avignon or Marseille until 2023. 

Switzerland To Italy

Trains between cities and stops in Switzerland and Italy such as the Swiss Alps Bernina Express are incredibly scenic, but may be subject to daily restrictions due to COVID causing staff shortages. Look for daily updates on this issue before you plan to travel. 


Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, services from neighbouring countries are still running but travel is currently advised against for the time being. This is due to heavy fighting between Russians and Ukrainians, especially in the eastern regions of the country.


Due to the barrage of sanctions barring Russian businesses operating internationally, it’s unsurprising that many train services have been cancelled completely between the country and neighbouring NATO aligned nations. For the time being, there will be no services between Russia and Europe.